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Pub Quiz Questions 39


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Pub Quiz Questions 39


  1. What is the largest country in North America by land?

  2. What type of instrument is the corporation Fender famous for producing?

  3. The Sun is composed of approximately 28 percent what?

  4. Which member of Take That released a album called 'Green Man' in 1996?

  5. Pertussis is more commonly known as which childhood bacterial disease?

  6. Which is the hardest mineral substance found in the human body?

  7. What is the name of the 3rd tallest volcanic structure on Earth?

  8. Until 2010, which pop band did Nicole Scherzinger belong to?

  9. What word beginning with the letter J describes a medieval contest between two knights on horseback?

  10. Which continent does Greenland belong to?

  1. What is an escargot?

  2. In the game Twister, what colour are the spots on the mat?

  3. Which currency is used in India?

  4. Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that occurs during which month of the year?

  5. What would a numismatist collect?

  6. What year was the Euro introduced?

  7. What type of fish is a Sockeye?

  8. What type of teeth are used for grinding food?

  9. What was the colour of play-doh when it first went on sale?

  10. What is the name of the male actor who plays Phil Mitchell in the soap opera 'Eastenders'?