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Free pub quiz questions UK with printable answers for a trivia quiz night in the United Kingdom. Choose from loads of printable UK pub quiz questions from Challenge the Brain.

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Host a fun pub quiz UK with trivia questions and answers on the United Kingdom from Great Britain's number one free quiz questions website

Pub Quiz Questions UK


  1. Does the Tower of London lie on the north or south bank of the river Thames?

  2. Which UK motorway links the M5 with the M40?

  3. How was Nelson's body preserved during his return from the Battle of Trafalgar?

  4. Who wrote the famous poem 'The Tyger'?

  5. What colour jacket is worn by the dog in trap one in British greyhound racing?

  6. What is the largest lake in England?

  7. Which famous English drummer continued to play following the amputation of his left arm in 1985?

  8. Can you name the seven Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms of England?

  9. Which motor car company uses the bonnet ornament 'The Spirit of Ecstasy'?

  10. In a game of bingo, what number is known as Kelly's eye?

  1. Which English country appears first in the alphabet?

  2. British stamps are different to any other stamps in the world as they are the only ones to not bear what?

  3. What number is positioned between numbers 2 and 3 on a dartboard?

  4. Can you place the following rivers in order of length, beginning with the longest first: Great Ouse, Thames, Severn, Trent, Wye?

  5. What musical instrument was taken by Sir Francis Drake on his final voyage and is now on display at Buckland Abbey?

  6. Which UK city is known as 'The Square Mile'?

  7. Which famous male once quoted, 'There is a forgotten nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. The word is ENGLAND'?

  8. Which 5 letter English word has 4 useless (unpronouced) letters?

  9. Where is Blackpool Sands located?

  10. In the Monday's child rhyme, which child is full of woe?