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Pub Team Names


Looking for the best pub team names in town, then check out our free Team Name Generator by Challenge the Brain. We have cleverly created a random team name generator to produce the funniest team names imaginable for your pub quiz night!

Pub Team Names
Use our free Random Team Name Generator to select from great pub team names that represent your players. As a quiz master or captain, think about your players and what you're trying to achieve. Want to make the pub laugh, then pick from one of our funny pub team names such as The Prosecco Quiz Queens or The Whining Winos. Want the pub to know your players are a force to be reckoned with, then pick a strong team name like Einstein's Theorists or The No-Nonsense Crew. Afraid you'll come last, then choose a name that'll save you any embarrassment like The Struggling Academics or The Simpletons.

If you're a quiz master or pub landlord looking for team name ideas, feel free to use our Pub Team Name Generator or pick from our printable list of funny names for pub quiz teams.

Pub Team Names

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Still looking for the best pub team names for quiz night, then check out our list of the funny trivia team names below.

Pub Team Names

  • The Give us a Clue Crew

  • The Quizralites

  • Nutty Professors

  • Geriatric Geniuses

  • Who Dares Wins

  • All the Beer, No Idea

  • Quiz Busters

  • Rapid Response

  • The Crazy Crew

  • The Founts of all Knowledge

  • Einstein's Theorists

  • The Prosecco Quiz Queens

  • The Struggling Academics

  • The Beer Monsters

  • The Brainiacs

Pub Team Names

  • Hawking's Heroes

  • The Greatest Gurus

  • Trivia Kings

  • Nothing is Taboo

  • High Hopes

  • The Whinging Winos

  • Daring Diplomats

  • Eager Beavers

  • The Trivralites

  • Newton's Finests

  • Lasting Impressions

  • Trivia Champs

  • Lucky Charms

  • The Dominators

  • On the Edge of Glory

Pub Team Names

  • The Quizaholics

  • The No-nonsense Crew

  • The Opportunists

  • Smooth Operators

  • The Vino Girls

  • Born Ready

  • Trial by Trivia

  • Isaac's Intellects

  • The A Team

  • Clever Clogs

  • Norfolk and Chance

  • The Liquor Society

  • The Trivia Tribe

  • The PMA's

  • Raid My Brain

Pub Team Names

  • The Quiz Wizards

  • The Trivia Titans

  • The Pub Scholars

  • The Quizmasters

  • The Know-It-Alls

  • The Smarty Pants

  • The Wise Quackers

  • The Quizaholics

  • The Clever Cats

  • The Brain Teasers

  • The Quiz Geniuses

  • The Think Tank

  • The Quiz Addicts

  • The Fact Fanatics

  • The Pub Puzzlers

Pub Team Names

  • The Quiz Geeks

  • The Wise Guys

  • The Brainy Bunch

  • The Quiz Champs

  • The Quizzard of Oz

  • The Tequila Mockingbirds

  • Smarty Pints

  • The Walking Deadweights

  • Bar Flies

  • The Brewed Awakening

  • Quiztopher Walken

  • The Quizzly Bears

  • Know-It-All-Sobobs

  • The Trivia Newton Johns

  • Les Quizerables

Pub Team Names

  • Team Smarty Pints

  • The Quizzlings

  • The Inquizitors

  • Beer Pressure

  • The Quizee Rascals

  • Alcoholics Unanimous

  • Beer Me Up, Scotty

  • The Perpetual Motion Squad

  • Let's Get Quizzical

  • We Thought This Was Bingo

  • The Einstein Simplifiers

  • Professionally Confused

  • Team Last Place

  • We Know Nothing

  • The Quizn't-Doers

Pub Team Names

  • The Masters of Guesswork

  • The Questionable Geniuses

  • The Procrastinators

  • The Disqualified Champions

  • The Punctuation Police

  • Team "Not Ready" Player One

  • Confused and Amused

  • The Diligent Daydreamers

  • The Irreverent Thinkers

  • The Overthinkers

  • Team "We Don't Know, Do You?"

  • The Underachievers

  • The Expert Amateurs

  • The Cleverly Lazy

  • The Overconfident Underachievers

Pub Team Names

  • The Witty Nitwits

  • Team "We Thought It Was Trivia Night"

  • The Caffeine-Enhanced Quizzers

  • The Mediocre Marvels

  • The Procrastinating Pros

  • The Ignorance Is Bliss

  • The Confused Connoisseurs

  • The Masters of Misinformation

  • The Thoughtful Slackers

  • The Cunningly Clueless

  • Team "We'll Google It Later"

  • The Profoundly Unprepared

  • The Ignorant Intellectuals

  • The Elegantly Uninformed

  • The Sarcasm Superstars

Pub Team Names

  • The Sarcasm Society

  • The Masters of Selective Knowledge

  • The Uninspired Experts

  • The "We Were Close" Crew

  • The Elegantly Inept

  • The Impersonators of Intelligence

  • The Genius Pretenders

  • The Professors of Pretense

  • The Witty Wisecrackers

  • The Brain Drain Bunch

  • The Socratic Slackers

  • The Perpetual Underestimators

  • The Masters of Mediocrity

  • The Ironic Geniuses

  • The Cunning Comedians

Pub Team Names

  • The Team Without a Clue

  • The Strategic Scatterbrains

  • The Confounding Connoisseurs

Pub Team Names

  • The "Wait, We Knew That?" Squad

  • The Ineptly Informed

  • The Eloquently Clueless

Pub Team Names

  • The Know-It-None Team

  • The Procrastinating Pundits

  • The "We Planned This... Sort Of" Group

Pub Team Names

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Pub Team Names
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