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Pub Quiz 9: Pub Trivia Answers


Test your general knowledge with our selection of Pub Trivia Answers printable for Quiz Night. Check out our free Pub Trivia Quizzes with answers from Challenge The Brain.

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Pub trivia questions and answers for the best pub quiz night online!

Pub Trivia Answers


  1. Haricot beans (navy beans)

  2. Ed Sheeran

  3. 270 degrees

  4. The Blacklist

  5. Amsterdam

  6. Seven

  7. Eye

  8. Sir Henry Morton Stanley

  9. 2007


  1. Wilhelm II

  2. 1000 years

  3. Phaal, Vindaloo, Madras, Korma

  4. Istanbul

  5. Vincent van Gogh

  6. Swimming

  7. Game of Thrones

  8. Above

  9. The liver

  10. Sargasso Sea