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Pub Quiz 9: Pub Trivia Questions


Test your general knowledge with our selection of Pub Trivia Quiz Night Questions readymade for friends and family to enjoy. For the best quiz night questions, check out our free Pub Trivia Quizzes with hundreds of questions from Challenge The Brain.

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Pub trivia questions for the best pub quiz night online!

Pub Trivia Questions


  1. What type of beans are in canned baked beans?

  2. Which male artist kicked off 2017 with the release of Shape of You and Castle on the Hill?

  3. If you face north, how many degrees would you have to turn in an anticlockwise direction to face East?

  4. Raymond Reddington features as a lead character in which American thriller series?

  5. The River Amstel flows through which European capital city?

  6. How many events form an Olympic heptathlon?

  7. Which body organ is affected by glaucoma?

  8. During a search for the explorer, David Livingstone, who famously said, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"

  9. What year was the first iPhone (iPhone 2G) released?

  10. What does Doc Brown's vanity plate (personalised plate) read in the Back to the Future movies?

  1. Who was leader of Germany during the First World War?

  2. A 'millennium' celebrates the anniversary of how many years?

  3. Can you place the following curries in order of strength beginning with the strongest curry first: Madras, Korma, Phaal, Vindaloo?

  4. Constantinople was the former name of which Turkish city?

  5. The Starry Night is a famous painting by which Dutch impressionist?

  6. Which sport is associated with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte?

  7. Which American drama series is an adaptation of George R. R. Martin's fantasy novel series 'A Song of Ice and Fire'?

  8. Does the British noble title 'Marquess' rank above or below an Earl?

  9. Which body organ produces bile?

  10. What sea is surrounded entirely by the Atlantic Ocean and is the only sea on Earth with no coastline / land boundary?