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Questions For Family Quiz 9


Host a fun pub quiz night with our Questions For Family Quiz 9; free, printable quiz questions and answers from Challenge the Brain.

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Family quiz questions and answers for the best pub quiz night.

Questions For Family Quiz 9


  1. What is Hamm in the movie 'Toy Story'?

  2. What are the six different types of pieces used to play a game of chess?

  3. What happens when the moon is between the earth and the sun?

  4. Which of the following oceans is the saltiest: a) Indian Ocean, b) Pacific Ocean, c) Atlantic Ocean

  5. What does a barometer measure?

  6. String, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion are all types of what?

  7. Why is the Basilisk Lizard nicknamed the 'Jesus Christ Lizard'?

  8. Which two major body organs begin with the letter L?

  9. Which male artist released a song in 2019 called 'Watermelon Sugar'?

  10. True or false: most people shrink from age 30 to 70?

  1. Which continent does Peru belong to?

  2. How often are the summer Olympics games normally held?

  3. What is the colour of a polar bear's skin?

  4. What is the longest river in Africa?

  5. What sport are the terms 'Bogey, Birdie and Albatross' associated with?

  6. Why does Harry Potter eat gillyweed before the Triwizard Tournament?

  7. In a game of tennis, what does the term 'love' mean?

  8. In the story of 'The Three Little Pigs', what does the third pig make his house out of?

  9. Who released a song in 2019 called 'Blinding Lights'?

  10. What shape has five sides?