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Questions for Food Quiz Five


Test your trivia knowledge with our selection of food quiz questions readymade for friends and family to enjoy. For the best quiz night, check out our free food trivia quizzes which are regularly updated by the team at Challenge The Brain.

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Food trivia questions for the best quiz night!

Questions for Food Quiz Five


  1. What type of pasta is an anagram of “eight past”?

  2. Which scale measures the heat of chillies?

  3. Horseradish is traditionally served with which roast meat?

  4. Which vegetable can make your eyes water when it is cut?

  5. What type of seafood is used to make the classic French dish 'Moules Marinere'?

  6. Excluding water, what is the most common beverage?

  7. True or False – Jersey Royals are types of carrots?

  8. What chef had hit TV shows which Seafood Odyssey, Fruits of the Sea and French Odyssey?

  9. What mixture is placed lightly over ingredients to make tempura?

  10. Lindt, Cadbury and Nestle are all producers of which product?

  1. Camembert, Brie and Goats are all types of what?

  2. Which country is most famous for Guacamole, Quesadillas and Burritos?

  3. Dim Sum, Wontons and Yuk Song are all types of which cuisine?

  4. The “Fahl” is considered the hottest dish, what is it?

  5. What savoury sticky bun is traditionally eaten around Easter?