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Questions for Fun Quiz Four


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Fun trivia questions for the best pub quiz night!

Questions for Fun Quiz Four


  1. Who had an 90's hit with the song 'I'm Too Sexy'?

  2. What do the letters SPF on sunscreen stand for?

  3. What was the original name of Mickey Mouse?

  4. What is a black mamba?

  5. What is the name given to a word that reads the same both ways?

  6. Who wrote the series of 'The Famous Five' children's books?

  7. How do crocodiles carry their young?

  8. Which character did Jennifer Aniston play in the sitcom 'Friends'?

  9. What is the astrological sign of the star sign Cancer?

  10. Who famously said 'I'm the president of the United States and I'm not going to eat any more broccoli'?

  1. How many leaves does a shamrock have?

  2. What is the first letter of the Greek alphabet?

  3. What is the meaning of the word 'penultimate'?

  4. Which band had a hit song with 'Eternal Flame' in 1989?

  5. Which famous film star is an anagram of 'I'm so cuter'?