Questions for Fun Quiz One


  1. If you were born on the 8th April, which star sign would you belong to?

  2. Which spirit is typically used to make a Cuba Libre?

  3. What do the Roman numerals CX stand for?

  4. In cockney rhyming slang, what is the saying 'trouble and strife' referring to?

  5. In a lonely hearts ad, what does the abbreviation GSOH stand for?

  6. From which country does Stella Artois originate?

  7. What year did Michael Jackson release his single entitled Thriller?

  8. Who invented the washing machine?

  9. In the seventies, which group had the most number one hit singles in the UK?

  10. How many years of marriage would be celebrated by a golden anniversary?

  1. What do the letters LCD stand for?

  2. Who founded the Ferrari automobile company?

  3. What do dates grow on?

  4. What is the largest State in the USA?

  5. From which British sitcom did the phrase 'Lovely Jubbly' come from?