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Questions for General Knowledge Quiz Four


Hold the best family or pub quiz night with our fun general knowledge quiz questions. Check out our free general knowledge quizzes with Movie, Music, History, Science, Geography, TV, Math, Food, Christmas, Bible and Fun Holiday Trivia questions regularly updated by Challenge The Brain.

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General Knowledge questions for the best pub quiz night!

Questions for General Knowledge Quiz Four


  1. In which country is Mount Vesuvius located?

  2. What part of a horse would you examine to tell its age?

  3. What was the surname of Juliet in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?

  4. Who wrote the famous musical entitled 'Oliver'?

  5. Which fairy tale character slept for 100 years?

  6. What is the biggest spider in the world?

  7. In which country was the first car radio made?

  8. Who invented the microphone?

  9. What was David and Victoria Beckham's first child named?

  10. How many years was Nelson Mandela imprisoned for?

  1. Which sport is known as the Sport of Kings?

  2. How many keys does a standard full size piano have?

  3. Which famous British castle is an anagram of 'in sword'?

  4. Which rock band did Brian May belong to?

  5. In which year was the film 'Casablanca' released?

  6. Which musical instrument is James Galway famous for playing?

  7. What type of creature is a Queen Alexandra's Birdwing?

  8. Which English scientist invented the electric light?

  9. During which year was J.F. Kennedy shot?

  10. Which sport is mintonette now known as?