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Questions for General Knowledge Quiz Two


Hold the best family or pub quiz night with our fun general knowledge quiz questions. Check out our free general knowledge quizzes with Movie, Music, History, Science, Geography, TV, Math, Food, Christmas, Bible and Fun Holiday Trivia questions regularly updated by Challenge The Brain.

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General Knowledge questions for the best pub quiz night!

Questions for General Knowledge Quiz Two


  1. What is the name of the man who invented the computer mouse?

  2. What was the title of Queen's first US hit single?

  3. Which acid can be found in vinegar?

  4. In which country were the 2008 Olympic Games held?

  5. Which South American country was named after the Italian city of Venice?

  6. What was the name of Connie Booth's character in the sitcom 'Fawlty Towers'?

  7. What type of food is manchego?

  8. In 1992, who did the Princess Royal (Anne) marry?

  9. What is a cowslip?

  10. In which US state is Sky Harbor International Airport located?

  1. What is the name of the boy in the Jungle Book?

  2. Which group of Europeans are believed to have first entered America?

  3. What is a Macaw a type of?

  4. Which celebrity is rapper Jay-Z married to?

  5. How many stars and stripes are there on the American flag?

  6. In the cartoon, what is the name of the bird that Sylvester chases?

  7. Who plays King Arthur in Monty Python and The Holy Grail?

  8. Which two letters are worth the most in a game of Scrabble?

  9. In the British series of the Apprentice, who are the candidates trying to impress?

  10. Which famous artist cut off part of his own ear?