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Questions for Geography Quiz Two


Test your general knowledge with our selection of geography quiz questions readymade for friends and family to enjoy. For the best pub quiz night, check out our free geography quizzes with trivia questions regularly updated by the team at Challenge The Brain.

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Geography questions for the best quiz night!

Questions for Geography Quiz Two


  1. Which is warmer, the North Pole or the South Pole?

  2. In which US state is Las Vegas situated?

  3. What natural disaster occurred in San Francisco in the year of 1906?

  4. Which country is Jakarta the capital city of?

  5. What is measured by the Richter scale?

  6. The largest sand island in the world is in Australia, what is its name?

  7. Where would you find the city of Kremlin?

  8. What was the former name of Thailand?

  9. What is the second largest country in the world?

  10. What is the capital of Morocco?

  1. Which US state is Madison the capital of?

  2. Does the Earth revolve around the Sun, or does the Sun revolve around the Earth?

  3. Which country is Kingston the capital of?

  4. What is the largest railway station in the world?

  5. What is the capital of Japan?