Questions for Science Quiz Five


  1. How many coronary arteries has a human heart?

  2. Where is geothermal energy produced?

  3. True or False – Coal is the worlds biggest energy source?

  4. Helium is one of the noble gases, what is it's chemical symbol?

  5. What is the longest bone in the human body?

  6. Plant use carbon dioxide to turn it into food, what is the name given to this process?

  7. How many planets are there is our solar system?

  8. What is the centre of an atom is called?

  9. Amperes (amps) measure what current?

  10. How many protons does an atom of hydrogen have?

  1. What is a wind farm?

  2. The high or low frequencies in a sound wave is called what: wavelength, pitch or amplitude?

  3. What does 'PV cell' stand for?

  4. Who was the first person to land on the Moon?

  5. What chemical from the periodic table is an anagram of “pry knot”?