Questions for Science Quiz Four


  1. Which chemical from the periodic table is an anagram of “no crab”?

  2. Which colour reflects more heat: Black or White?

  3. What name is given to the bones that make up a person's spine?

  4. How many minutes does it take for light from the Sun to reach Earth: 5, 10 or 25?

  5. What number is neutral measured at on the PH Scale?

  6. True or False – To split an atom is called Fusion?

  7. What colour blood cells defend our bodies against illnesses?

  8. What is the coloured part around your pupil called?

  9. What element in the periodic table has the chemical symbol “Fe”?

  10. What travels faster through sand: Water or Air?

  1. What is the most common element found in the Earth's atmosphere?

  2. Sodium Chloride is most commonly know as what?

  3. What paper is used to indicate acids and alkalis?

  4. True or False: the Pancreas control the level of glucose in our bodies?

  5. Aluminium lead and tin are both types of what?