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Questions for Seventies Pop Quiz


Test your music knowledge with our selection of 70s pop quiz questions for the best pub quiz night. Check out our free seventies pop music quizzes with trivia questions about songs, singers, lyrics, bands and song titles.

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70s pop questions for the best pub quiz night!

Questions for Seventies Pop Quiz


  1. Which American group did Rob Parissi belong to?

  2. What year did Rod Stewart release 'Maggie May?'

  3. Which well-known song of the 70's begins with the lyrics, 'A long long time ago, I can still remember how, That music used to make me smile'?

  4. Which musical duo released a hit song in 1970 called 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'?

  5. Which group claimed the most UK number one hit singles during the decade of the 70's?

  6. What is the opening line to 'Hotel California' by The Eagles?

  7. What year did John Lennon release his legendary song 'Imagine'?

  8. Who was lead singer of The Police?

  9. Which pop artist is Steveland Morris better known as?

  10. Which music group released a song in 1970 called 'I'll Be There?'

  1. Which song achieved the Bee Gees the best-selling single of 1978 in the US?

  2. Can you complete the lyrics by Carl Douglas, 'Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting, Those kids were..'?

  3. Which rock band was co-founded by lead vocalist Joe Strummer?

  4. Which song earned Blondie a UK best-seller in 1979?

  5. Which movie soundtrack became a UK best-seller in 1978?

  6. Which rock band topped the charts in 1974 with 'Lonely This Christmas'?

  7. Which song by Queen mentions Mister Fahrenheit?

  8. What country do the Bay City Rollers come from?

  9. Me and Mrs Jones became a hit song for which male artist in 1972?

  10. Who wrote the famous anti-war song, 'Happy Xmas (War Is Over)?