Questions for Sport Quiz One


  1. How many players are there in an ice hockey team?

  2. Who was the youngest world heavyweight boxing champion?

  3. In darts, how high off the floor must the bullseye measure?

  4. Who scored the winning penalty in the 2006 world cup final?

  5. In golf, what is meant by the term 'birdie'?

  6. How many red balls are used in a game of snooker?

  7. What was the name of the player who scored the final goal of the 1966 World Cup Finals?

  8. In motor racing, which flag is waved to show the winner?

  9. In tennis, what is the point score immediately after deuce?

  10. What was the name of the England footballer to be the first European Footballer of the Year?

  1. What is Zumba?

  2. Which sport would be played during the Corbillon Cup?

  3. The nickname 'The Georgia Peach' was given to which famous baseball player?

  4. What is the official name of the Rugby World Cup trophy?

  5. Which jockey won all seven races in one day at Ascot Racecourse in September 1996?