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Questions for Sport Quiz Six


Check out our range of sports quiz questions for friends and family to enjoy. For the best bar or pub quiz night, check out our free sports quizzes with sport trivia questions from Challenge the Brain.

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Questions for Sport Quiz Six


  1. Which golf contest takes place every two years between leading amateurs of the United States and Great Britain and Ireland?

  2. Who scored the winning goal in the 2014 World Cup?

  3. Which two events are missing from the Men's heptathlon: 60 metres, high jump, 60 metres hurdles, pole vault, 1000 metres?

  4. What country does retired soccer player Pelé come from?

  5. If the score reaches 40-40 in a game of tennis, what term is used?

  6. What is the Salchow?

  7. How often are the IAAF World Championships in Athletics held?

  8. Which sport is Sarah Hammer associated with?

  9. What is the only team to have competed in every FIFA World Cup Tournament?

  10. Which month is the Australian Open Tennis Tournament held?

  1. Thrilla in Manilla was the final match between which two boxers?

  2. Who won the Indianapolis 500 in 2014?

  3. What is a half-pipe used in snowboarding, skateboarding and other extreme sports?

  4. Which English team does America goalkeeper, Tim Howard, play for?

  5. In 2014, who set the record for the fastest serve struck by a female tennis player?