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Questions for Trivia Quiz Two


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Trivia questions for a fun pub quiz night!

Questions for Trivia Quiz Two


  1. Who wrote the 1983 song 'Pipes of Peace'?

  2. Which British ballerina was born Margaret Evelyn Hookham in 1919?

  3. Who is the author of 'Lady Chatterley's Lover'?

  4. What is a balalaika?

  5. What year did the London Eye officially open to the public?

  6. 1609.34 meters is 1 mile: how many lengths, to the nearest, would complete 0.5 mile in a 25 meter swimming pool?

  7. What stamp was issued on May 6, 1840, in Great Britain?

  8. Who released an album called 'E=MC²'?

  9. Does buttermilk contains butter?

  10. Which James Bond movie is an anagram of 'cosyspout'?

  1. What 'I' is an expression of language meaning the opposite?

  2. Who played the little orphan 'Annie' in the 1982 movie?

  3. Which male former English cricketer has now turned to a TV personality and appears on a Question of Sport?

  4. What 'M' is the name given to a conductor of classical music?

  5. Besides Ohio, which other US states begins with the letter “O”?

  6. What are twisters and cyclones also known as?

  7. Many tourists travel to which country to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

  8. Which leisure activity is associated with 10 pins and strikes?

  9. What are the first names of ice skaters Torvil and Dean?

  10. What is the primary religion in Thailand?