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Science Quiz Answers 12


Put a smile on your quiz participants' faces with our fun pub science quiz based on a range of scientific topics.

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Have a gathering amongst friends to remember by holding a pub quiz night with our range of science quiz questions and answers.

Science Quiz Answers 12


  1. Astronomy.

  2. Sodium

  3. Sublimation.

  4. Enceladus (moon of Saturn)

  5. Exosphere.

  6. Barium

  7. Carbon (C)

  8. Sir Isaac Newton

  9. Igneous rock.

  10. Black hole.

  1. Transpiration

  2. Proton.

  3. Pupation

  4. K

  5. Oxygen

  6. Charles Darwin

  7. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)

  8. Asteroid

  9. Meteorology.

  10. Vaporization.