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Science Quiz Answers


Check out our Science Quiz Questions with Answers for Pub Quiz Night. Enjoy our free Science Trivia Quizzes with answers on physics, chemistry and biology.

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Science quiz answers for a fun family or pub quiz night

Science Quiz Answers


  1. Atomic number

  2. False: Phobos and Deimos belong to Mars

  3. The acidity or alkalinity of a solution

  4. Lightning conductor

  5. Pyrite

  6. William Herschel

  7. Photosynthesis

  8. Insects

  9. Albert Einstein

  10. Evaporation

  1. Elastic Potential Energy

  2. Iron, nickel and cobalt

  3. Mars

  4. Dmitri Mendeleev

  5. True

  6. Palladium

  7. Sodium chloride

  8. Ernest Rutherford

  9. Air/gas pressure

  10. True