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Sport Quiz Questions 10


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Sport quiz questions and answers for a fun trivia night.

Sport Quiz Questions 10


  1. Who was first to be shown a red card in the World Cup 2018?

  2. What is the home stadium of FC Barcelona called?

  3. Which trophy is presented to the winner of the Indianapolis 500?

  4. Who became the Australian Individual Speedway Champion in 2008?

  5. Which sport uses a gurney flap?

  6. Which football team lost to Red Star Belgrade in the 1991 European Cup?

  7. Which sport is Nicolas Colsaerts associated with?

  8. What year did Eddie the Eagle compete in the 70m and 90m ski jumping events?

  9. What type of sporting event consists of seven track and field combined events?

  10. Where is the world's largest golf course located?

  1. The World Series is the annual championship series of which sport?

  2. Which football team is nicknamed 'The Gunners'?

  3. What name was given to the 39th Ryder Cup by the European media?

  4. Who holds the record for the most Grand Prix victories?

  5. Who was Britain's first winner of the points classification in the Tour de France?

  6. Who did Allister Carter lose to in the 2008 and 2012 Snooker World Championships?

  7. What year did the 100th edition of the Tour de France take place?

  8. Which country won the Cricket World Cup three times in a row?

  9. How many years old must a horse be to enter the Grand National?

  10. How many teams take part of each of Wimbledon's tournaments?