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Sport Quiz Questions 7


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Sport Quiz Questions 7


  1. How many gold medals did Mo Farah win at the 2012 Olympics?

  2. What sport has the Four Hills Championship?

  3. In archery, what command means to stop shooting immediately and return the arrow to the quiver?

  4. Which footballer is nicknamed 'The Black Pearl'?

  5. What colour jacket does the dog in trap 2 wear for greyhound racing in Great Britain?

  6. Which golfer was awarded 'PGA Player of the Year' and 'PGA Tour Player of the Year' in 2013?

  7. How many points are awarded for scoring a touchdown in American football?

  8. Which Polish ski jumper took part in the Daker Rally?

  9. How many points are required to win a game of badminton providing there is a 2-point lead?

  10. 'Cassius Clay' is the birth name of which famous boxer?

  1. Which country has held the most Cricket World Cups?

  2. During which month is the 'Australian Open' tennis tournament held?

  3. What are three consecutive strikes in bowling called?

  4. Miles and furlongs are associated with which sporting event in Great Britain?

  5. What is the height of the top diving board at the Olympics?

  6. What year was the new Wembley Stadium opened?

  7. Which colour rings are between the white and blue rings on an archery target?

  8. What is the nickname of the Olympic stadium in Beijing?

  9. Which games were formerly known as the British Empire Games from 1930-1954?

  10. What nationality is former Formula 1 World Champion 'Mika Häkkinen' ?