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Sport Quiz Questions 8


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Sport Quiz Questions 8


  1. Where was the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup Final held in 1999?

  2. What is a biathlon?

  3. Which British cricket club does the abbreviated name 'MCC' stand for?

  4. What is the difference between 'the luge' and 'the skeleton'?

  5. Who won the 2013 Men's Singles Wimbledon Championship?

  6. Excluding the striker, how many bases are there in baseball?

  7. Who was voted 'BBC Personality of the Year' in 2012?

  8. Who was crowned champion of the 2013 motoGP?

  9. Which sport is 'Beth Tweddle' associated with?

  10. What is the most difficult jump in figure skating?

  1. By 2010, which country had won the most FIFA World Cup Finals?

  2. Which two countries play in the Ashes Series?

  3. FIBA is the international federation for which sport?

  4. What year were the Summer Olympics in Tokyo cancelled due to the war?

  5. Who was the first British football player to cost 1 million pounds?

  6. Which cricketer is nicknamed 'The Wall'?

  7. Who won the 2012 Olympic gold medals for the men's 100 and 200 meter races?

  8. What is the maximum break in snooker?

  9. How meters long is an Olympic swimming pool?

  10. Which island holds the TT Racing?