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Sports quiz answers for the ultimate pub quiz night!

Sports Quiz Answers


  1. Dmitri Sautin

  2. Fencing, 200m Freestyle Swimming, Showjumping, Pistol Shooting, 3200m Cross-country Run

  3. 21

  4. Pole vault

  5. False

  6. Baseball

  7. 18

  8. Jesse Owens

  9. Revolutions per minute

  10. Wimbledon Championships

  1. Alaska (Dog sled race)

  2. German

  3. Seven (Six outfield players and one goalkeeper)

  4. David Beckham

  5. 16

  6. Great Britain and the United States

  7. Between 2nd and 3rd base

  8. Cricket bat

  9. Golf

  10. Sophus Nielsen