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Sports Trivia Answers


Test your sports trivia knowledge with our selection of sport trivia quiz answers readymade for friends and family to enjoy. For the best quiz night, check out our free sport trivia quizzes with answers by Challenge The Brain.

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Sport Trivia Answers for the best quiz night!

Sports Trivia Answers


  1. Mike Tyson

  2. Jumping over the bar headfirst and backwards in high jump

  3. Andres Iniesta, Spain

  4. Ayrton Senna

  5. Black

  6. Yacht sailing

  7. Chris Froome

  8. Salt

  9. Golf

  10. Baltimore Ravens

  1. Argentina

  2. Spa-Francorchamps

  3. Judo

  4. 80 minutes

  5. The Crester Run

  6. Long jump and shot put

  7. Cricket

  8. A strike

  9. The Mosconi Cup

  10. A Slalom