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TV Trivia Questions


Have fun with our selection of television trivia quiz questions readymade for friends and family to enjoy. For the best pub quiz night, check out our free TV trivia quizzes with hundreds of fun questions about television stars, actors, actresses, programs, TV series, TV adverts.

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TV Trivia questions for a fun pub quiz night!

TV Trivia Questions


  1. James Corden created which Welsh TV series starring Rob Brydon?

  2. Kiefer Sutherland stars as a former CIA agent called Jack Bauer in which TV series?

  3. Which actor plays Ian Beale in the soap series Eastenders?

  4. Which comedian presents 'Chatty Man'?

  5. Which product was promoted through TV advertising by the song lyrics, ‘Thank you very much you’re one in a million’?

  6. Jim Parsons and Kaley Cucoo star in which Amercian TV series?

  7. Which science program began in 1965, ran for 40 years and was presented by Raymond Baxter?

  8. Which actress played Buffy the vampire slayer?

  9. What British TV series does Dave Lamb narrate?

  10. In 2007, Cadbury produced a TV advertisement of a Gorilla playing the drums. What song was he playing?

  1. Which character does John Le Mesurier play in Dad's Army?

  2. Monica, Joey and Ross are all characters in which TV series?

  3. Alexander Armstrong and which male co-present the TV quiz show 'Pointless'?

  4. Which fashion series was presented by Trinny and Suzannah?

  5. Which Australian soap, set near a beach, features a long serving character called Alf?

  6. Which TV advert featured a character called J.R. Hartley who was looking for a copy of Fly Fishing?

  7. Which male presenter hosts the American TV series Man V Food?

  8. Which famous yellow family live in Springfield?

  9. Rodney, Albert and Delboy are all characters from which poplar British TV series?

  10. Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley play best friends in which TV comedy series?