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Football Quiz Answers 3


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Football Quiz Answers 3


  1. Gegenpressing

  2. Uruguay

  3. 2022 FIFA World Cup

  4. Ambidextrous

  5. VAR stands for Video Assistant Referee. Its primary purpose is to review and assist match officials in making decisions, particularly for goals, penalties, and red card incidents.

  6. Johan Cruyff

  7. Real Madrid

  8. Gegenpressing is a high-pressing style aimed at winning the ball back immediately after losing it. Jurgen Klopp is often associated with popularizing it

  9. Brazil

  10. The Lionesses

  1. Direct free-kick

  2. Cameroon

  3. Sir Alf Ramsey

  4. Gianluigi Buffon

  5. 5-4-1 formation

  6. The Match of the Century

  7. Real Madrid

  8. The OFC Nations Cup (Oceanian Football Confederation Nations Cup)

  9. Inside Cruyff turn or Inside Dragback

  10. David Beckham