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Football Quiz Questions and Answers


Challenge the Brain is excited to present hundreds of printable football quiz questions and answers for family and pub quizzes. Readymade for quiz night, our team has created fun football trivia with separate printable questions and answers for pub landlords and quiz masters. Simply print out our fun soccer trivia and hand the question sheets to your team captains.

Football Quiz Questions and Answers
For the best soccer trivia online for adults, teenagers and family fun, our team's got it covered: Who was England's first million pound footballer? How many teams form the English Premier League? Which football player scored the hand of God goal? Which footballer is Barcelona's top goal scorer? Who was awarded the Golden Boot Award in 2016? Who is the tallest goalkeeper in the world? It's easy to print our fun soccer quizzes. Simply select from our ultimate football trivia questions and answers rounds and choose the print icon.

Football Quiz Questions and Answers
Our soccer quiz questions and answers include fun English Premier League trivia, the most valuable players in the world, the highest goal scorers and record breakers, FIFA World Cup highlights, the European Championships, Football Clubs from around the world, the most expensive player transfers in the history of soccer, player positions, football club and player nicknames, match scores and world records.

Football Quiz Questions and Answers

Challenge the Brain welcomes quiz masters and pub landlords across the world to use their readymade printable football trivia questions and answers for a fun quiz night.

Our ultimate soccer quizzes will have your teams debating over the biggest football games in history! During which FIFA World Cup was Gazza in tears? Which country has played in the most World Cup Finals? Which footballer has played for England the most times? Who's the youngest footballer in history to play in the World Cup Finals? With free printable football trivia questions and answers, our quizzes are readymade for the best pub quiz night in town!

Enjoy the most ultimate football quiz questions and answers on the best footballers and goal scorers in the world! Which player famously kung fu kicked a Crystal Palace fan? Which footballer holds the record for scoring the most goals in the FIFA World Cup Finals? Is it true that Gary Lineker never received a yellow or red card during his career as a footballer? Has Peter Crouch scored more headed goals than Alan Shearer? Who is the highest rated FIFA legend in history?

Challenge the Brain specialises in trivia quizzes for pubs and bars across the world, and welcomes landlords and quiz masters to use their printable fun football trivia quiz questions and answers for free. Check out our trivia categories on our home page for hundreds of family and pub quizzes with questions suitable for adults, teenagers and all family members.

Football Quiz Questions and Answers

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For the very best football trivia online, print from our selection of soccer quiz questions and answers. Challenge the Brain is a free pub quiz website with a team that works hard to regularly update and bring you the very best printable sports quizzes with a great range of questions to suit everyone. Visit us again soon for more trivia entertainment!