Quiz 1: Football Quiz Questions


Football quizzes with fun soccer questions and answers for pub quiz night.

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Football trivia questions for the best pub quiz night!

Football Quiz Questions


  1. Who became England's youngest ever senior footballer in 2006?

  2. Who is Real Madrid's all-time top goalscorer?

  3. Who was captain of the England team when they won the 1966 World Cup?

  4. What nationality is Zlatan Ibrahimović?

  5. Which English Premier League footballer is the highest scoring midfielder of all time?

  6. The Crazy Gang was a nickname used during the 80s and 90s in reference to which football club?

  7. What is Joe Hart's first real name?

  8. In 2004, the biggest club sponsorship in the history of English football occurred between which football club and company?

  9. Who was the Premier League Golden Glove winner of 2015-16?

  10. Which youth team did Wayne Rooney join at the age of 9?

  1. Who is the only football club manager in history to have won the UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup?

  2. Which three English football clubs did Argentine footballer Carlos Tevez play for between the years of 2006 - 2013?

  3. What year did Spain win their first World Cup title?

  4. What did Maradona's famous goal which occurred 51 minutes into the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals become known as?

  5. Who scored the winning goal for Germany in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final?

  6. David Beckham became the first English football player to win league titles in which four countries?

  7. Which football stadium has the largest audience capacity in Europe?

  8. Which player has scored the most goals at the FIFA World Cup Finals?

  9. Which English footballer was top scorer of the Premier League Season 2015-16?

  10. Where was the FIFA World Cup held in 2006?