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Football Quiz Questions 3


Make your pub quiz night excellent with our selection of football trivia with fun questions on a host of soccer topics.

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Check out free Football quiz questions and answers on the most legendary football moments in history.

Football Quiz Questions 3


  1. What is the nickname of the unique, high-pressure defensive style known for its high line and offside traps, famously employed by Arrigo Sacchi's AC Milan and Marcelo Bielsa's Leeds United?

  2. Which South American country won their first-ever FIFA World Cup in 1930, and then repeated the feat in 1950 in a historic final against Brazil?

  3. What was the first FIFA World Cup to be held in an Arab nation?

  4. What is the term used to describe a player who can use both feet equally well, making them versatile on the pitch?

  5. In football terminology, what do the letters VAR stand for, and what is the primary purpose of the VAR system?

  6. Who is the legendary Dutch footballer famous for his role as a sweeper in the Total Football era, and for his influence on Barcelona's playing style as a coach?

  7. Which club became the first to win consecutive UEFA Champions League titles in the modern era, doing so in the 1997-98 and 1998-99 seasons?

  8. What is the concept of Gegenpressing in football, and which German coach is often associated with popularizing this high-intensity pressing style?

  9. In the 1970 FIFA World Cup, which country was known for their attractive, attacking football and was led by legends like Pelé, Rivelino, and Jairzinho?

  10. What is the nickname of the England women's national football team?

  1. What is the term for a method of restarting play after a foul, where the ball is placed and kicked from the ground by a stationary player?

  2. Which African country became the first from the continent to reach the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup in 1990, with Roger Milla as a key player?

  3. Who was the English football manager who led the Three Lions to their first and only FIFA World Cup victory in 1966?

  4. Which Italian goalkeeper, known for his exceptional shot-stopping and reflexes, is often referred to as "San Gigi" and had a storied career with Juventus and Italy's national team?

  5. What is the term for a football formation that deploys five defenders in a line across the back, offering a more defensive approach?

  6. In 1953, Hungary defeated England 6-3 at Wembley in a famous match. What is this match often referred to as in football history?

  7. Which French club became the first to win three consecutive UEFA Champions League titles, doing so from 1955 to 1957?

  8. What is the name of the international football competition that is exclusively for national teams from the Southern Hemisphere and Oceania?

  9. What is the term for a quick, skillful play in which the ball is kicked with the inside of the foot to change direction suddenly, often used to evade defenders?

  10. During his football career, which player won a total of 6 Premier League titles, 2 FA cups, 4 Community Shields, a Champions League title, 2 MLS Cups (USA), The Ligue title (France) and La Liga (Spain)?