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Free quiz questions UK with printable answers for a pub quiz night in Great Britain. Pick from hundreds of fun quiz questions from Challenge the Brain.

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Check out our free quiz questions UK for pub quizzes hosted in the United Kingdom. Enjoy quiz questions from Britain's number one free pub quiz website.

Quiz Questions UK


  1. From which Shakespearean play does the quote 'Away you three-inch fool' derive?

  2. How many lions feature on the coat of arms of England?

  3. Which London building is nicknamed ‘The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street’?

  4. What year did the Beatles part company?

  5. Where is the most westerly point of England?

  6. By what name is Reginald Dwight better known?

  7. Which British 70's film is based on a young mod by the name of Jimmy?

  8. Which famous explorer captained 'The Golden Hind' whilst circumnavigating the world?

  9. The Prisoners Act (Temporary Discharge for Ill Health) was passed by the Liberal Government in 1913. By what name is the act commonly known?

  10. What is the largest county in England by area?

  1. What did Sir Winston Churchill win a Nobel Prize for in 1953?

  2. What is the time difference between the UK and Dubai?

  3. What is the highest mountain in Great Britain?

  4. Who wrote the famous poem 'The Highwayman'?

  5. How many counties are there in Northern Ireland?

  6. When referring to time, what do the letters GMT stand for?

  7. The film 'Trainspotting' is based in which UK city?

  8. What flavour crisps can be found in a red packet of Walkers?

  9. What was Florence Nightingale's nickname?

  10. Which major river of Great Britain runs through Hereford city centre?