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Choose from hundreds of free Quiz Questions created especially for pub quiz night by the team at Challenge the Brain. We welcome landlords and quiz masters from across the globe to enjoy our printable Quiz Questions and Answers. With a great selection of fun general knowledge and trivia games, everything is readymade in order for you to host the ultimate quiz night!

Free Quiz Questions
Challenge the Brain specialize specifically in Quiz Questions for family and pub quizzes with fun trivia based on movies, music, history, science, math, geography, holidays, football, sport and a whole range of interesting topics. We work hard to bring you the best Quiz Questions online, and all quizzes across our website are free to use.

Quiz Questions
Our visitors return again and again to enjoy our Quiz Questions so we ensure that our quizzes are regularly updated in time for your weekly pub quiz. So, whether it's guess the song, what's the capital, or name the movie quiz questions that you're asking, your pub teams are guaranteed to have a fun night!

For varied, well researched Quiz Questions that for the most are neither too difficult nor too easy, Challenge the Brain is definitely the website to use. Our printable Quiz Questions and Answers for pub landlords provide everything readymade for the ultimate trivia night. Simply select from the quizzes below to begin:

Quiz Questions

We believe that a fun quiz night is all about the Quiz Questions that you choose. Give your teams something to think about, a reason to reminisce... Remind them of a song, a movie quote, an event... Capture their attention and maintain their interest with Quiz Questions that are fun and appealing. Have a few for the boffins, a few for the brainless, but most of all an overall majority, that at least one or two on the team will be able to answer - give your teams something to feel good about and encourage the banter!

Our printable Quiz Questions and Answers include a range of fun general knowledge subjects including music, pop songs, history, maths, sport, geography, Christmas, science, Bible, films and movies: What is the largest living reptile in the world? Who was the lead singer of Queen? What is the only country in the world that begins with the letter O? What pizza does Kevin order in Home Alone? Which war occurred between Great Britain and Argentina in 1982? Which former US President named the teddy bear? In which country is the Yangtze River located?

Challenge the Brain specialize in Quiz Questions for pubs and bars across the world, and welcome everybody to enjoy their quizzes for free. Please feel free to check out the rest of our website for more fun Quiz Questions and Answers for family and pub events. We hope that you return again soon to enjoy our quizzes!

Quiz Questions

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For the best quiz questions online, print from our selection of quizzes above. Challenge the Brain is a free pub quiz website with a team that works hard to bring you the latest quizzes with a broad range of questions to suit everyone. Visit us again soon for more trivia entertainment!